✨The top 5 traditional festivals you must experience in Taiwan

Here are the top 5 traditional Taiwan festivals you must experience, Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese Valentine’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival.

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Apply to learn Chinese(Mandarin) in Taiwan with visa application & entry requirements

With renowned institutions and language programs, Taiwan is a great place to study Chinese.In this article, we’ll outline a four-step process that anyone who has never been to Taiwan can use to travel there and study Chinese.

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Daan Forest Park: Greenery in City Center

Daan Forest Park is a densely ecological park, a green space rarely found in the heart of Taipei, and is therefore known as the “Lung of the City”. Daan Forest Park is a famous landmark in Taipei, where many significant events take place. It is also a common place for parents to take their children on a picnic.

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Foreigners entering Taiwan guidelines, visa applications and regulations.

Foreigners who want to enter Taiwan need to apply for a visa.There are different types of visa for different purposes. Here are details of visa application and guideline.

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Travel to Xiangshan: Overlooking the Scenery of Taipei

Xiangshan is a popular hiking spot for residents in the district and visitors who want to escape from busy city life. It offers a splendid night view of Taipei City and is a great place for couples to date. It takes little time to reach the top of Xiangshan, and the view from Xiangshan is even more expansive.

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Bangka: A Corner of Old Prosperity (Wanhua District)

Located in the western part of Taipei, Bangka (Wanhua District) has very different scenery from the eastern part of the city. While the eastern part of Taipei is developing rapidly, Bangka captures the cultural memory of the old city. One of the remarkable landmarks of the district is Longshan Temple, which also represents the center of Bangka’s diverse life.

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Xingtian Temple (行天宮) : The unmissable tourist attraction in Taipei

How important is religion to the Taiwanese? Temple is the center of religious beliefs. If you are curious about Taiwan’s religious beliefs, Xingtian Temple is the best starting point for learning about Taiwan’s religion. You can also experience Taiwanese fortune telling in the Xingtian Temple Underground Fortune telling Street.

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Kaohsiung MRT Guideline

Kaohsiung MRT opened in 2008 and combined two metro lines and one circular light rail. In addition, the MRT system includes other important transit systems such as high-speed rail, rail transport, harbor, and airport. You can easily transfer from one form of transportation to another

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Taipei MRT Yellow/Orange Line Guideline and Attractions - banner

Taipei MRT Yellow/Orange Line Guideline and Attractions

Taipei MRT. In this article, you will gain a better understanding of the Orange Line and the newly-built Yellow Line. You will also know about different attractions that you can find around these metro lines

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Taipei MRT Brown/Green Line Guideline and Day Trip Attractions

If you want to visit places like Taipei Zoo or see a live concert at Taipei Arena, you must be familiar with the Brown and Green Lines.

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Taipei MRT Red Line and Blue Line Guideline

If you are a tourist and need to travel around Taipei, you have to learn how to take Taipei MRT, especially the Red Line and Blue Line.

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A Grass Mountain Adventure: Yangmingshan

Yangmingshan National Park (陽明山國家公園) is home to Taiwan’s tallest dormant volcano, Qixing Mountain (七星山). In Yangmingshan, you can go from hiking and hot spring bathing to appreciating the flora and fauna of the area.

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