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All you need to know about entry to Taiwan in this article. You can find the notice from entry to arrive at the designated facility, quarantine caregiving requirements and other protective quarantine measures in Taiwan. You can look up the answers about how to fill the Entry Quarantine System online. How to apply for a mobile SIM card ? Where could you book the quarantine hotel ? What about the airport shuttle? What is the price of taking the anti-epidemic taxi?​

The latest quarantine policy for entering Taiwan

In response to the gradual relaxation of border restrictions, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) reported that it would adjust the quarantine policy in two stages for travelers arriving from the outside in the near future.

First stage

In the first stage which will take effect on September 29th 2022, at 00:00 both quarantine and self-initiated epidemic prevention can be done under the principle of one person per room. Inbound travelers who cannot meet these requirements, must stay in an epidemic prevention(quarantine) hotel.

3+4 Quarantine Program for Arrivals take effect on September 1.
The 3+4 quarantine program has been in effect since September 1st 2022.

During the self-initiated epidemic prevention period

  1. Travelers can stay in the same residence as others, but must have their own room with a separate bathroom.
  2. Travelers will no longer have to request a change of location from the local government.
  3. A person undergoing self-initiated epidemic prevention can’t stay at an ordinary hotel.
  4. Inbound travelers who cannot meet these requirements, must stay in an epidemic prevention(quarantine) hotel.
  5. PCR testing (a total of 1 test): Arrivals will undergo a PCR test upon arrival (Day 0).
  6. At-home rapid tests: two rapid test kits will be given to arrivals aged 2 and older upon arrival; arrivals can use the test kits when symptoms occur during quarantine and before going out during the self-initiated epidemic prevention period.

Second stage (0+7 entry restriction)

Under the second phase (0+7) which will take effect on October 13th 2022, there will be no more quarantine. However, individuals must complete seven (7) days of self-initiated epidemic prevention.

Taiwan’s 0+7 entry restriction guideline :

Quarantine duration:

The day of arrival counts as Day 0. A seven-day period of self-initiated epidemic prevention will be required.

Epidemic prevention rules to follow during the self-initiated epidemic prevention period:

  1. Arriving travelers will no longer be required to make a health declaration on the Quarantine System for Entry before arrival and to have a mobile phone with a Taiwanese number.
  2. The COVID-19 Health Declaration and Home Quarantine Notice will no longer be issued to arriving travelers.
  3. Electronic fencing and monitoring measures will be suspended, and home quarantine designation will no longer be marked in the National Health Insurance system. Home quarantine services from local governments will also be suspended.
  4. In principle, arriving travelers should stay at home or a residence of a friend or family member or a hotel room that meets the requirement of “one person per room” (with a private bathroom) in the self-initiated epidemic prevention period.
  5. During the self-initiated epidemic prevention period, arriving travelers should avoid coming into contact with persons who have a high risk of developing severe COVID-19 (including elderly people 65 and older, children under 6, and individuals who are immunocompromised or have a weak immune system).
  6. Arriving travelers should rest at home if they experience symptoms. If they don’t experience symptoms, a negative result from an at-home rapid test taken within two days is required before they go out, go to work, or attend school. They should wear a mask at all times when outside.
  7. Arriving travelers can dine alone or with specific persons in a restaurant if they need to eat when outside. They should immediately put on a mask when they leave their seat or finish eating. They can temporarily remove their mask when dining and should put on their mask after finishing their meal.
  8. Arriving travelers cannot visit or stay with a hospitalized individual in a hospital. Non-urgent medical services or examinations should be postponed. Arriving travelers should avoid going to long-term care facilities.
  9. Those with COVID-19 who have mild symptoms can receive home care at an enhanced quarantine hotel/government quarantine facility or the place where they undergo self-initiated epidemic prevention (general hotel not included).

Testing measures:

  1. Four rapid test kits will be given to arriving travelers aged 2 and older by workers at international airports/ports upon arrival.
  2. When to use rapid tests:
    • On the day of arrival or the first day of the self-initiated epidemic prevention period (D0/D1).
    • Arriving travelers should take a rapid test and produce a negative result within two days before going out during the self-initiated epidemic prevention period.
    • Symptoms develop during this period.
    • The test results will not be recorded. Arriving travelers should follow the Self-initiated Epidemic Prevention Guidelines if they test positive with a rapid test.
    • In consideration of the age limit on who can use at-home rapid test kits, children under two years of age will not be required to take rapid tests during the self-initiated epidemic prevention period.

Book your 0+7 Self Initiated Epidemic Prevention Hotel

Although staying in a regular hotel is fine during the 0+7 period, not all hotels will accept guests during this period. The following hotels accept 0+7 guests.

What is home quarantine?

To prevent the Covid-19, before Oct. 13th, all the incoming passengers are required to be quarantined at home for 3 days and self-initiated epidemic prevention for 4 days in the same place. The local health authority will issue the Novel Coronavirus Health Declaration and Home Quarantine Notice and abide by home quarantine measures.
​The quarantine period should stay at the quarantine hotel or government quarantine facility.

What is the difference between home quarantine and home isolation?

  • Home quarantine: According to the regulations of the CECC, before Oct. 13th, all people entering from abroad are required to undergo home quarantine for 3 days. The actual date of quarantine is based on the home quarantine notice.
  • Home isolation: For close contacts of confirmed cases, the local health authority will issue a “home isolation notice” and follow the instructions of the health unit for isolation.

What do you need to do before arriving in Taiwan?

In addition to setting up a quarantine and epidemic prevention location, all inbound travelers must complete the quarantine system for entry form 48 hours before their arrival into the country. Taiwan no longer requires travelers to present a COVID-19 PCR test result within two days before their scheduled flight to Taiwan.

Instructions for passengers before arriving in Taiwan and clearance at the airport.
Instructions for passengers before arriving in Taiwan and clearance at the airport.

FAQ of Quarantine System for Entry

Source: ​Travel Taiwan During Covid-19

FAQ of Quarantine policy

What to do if you are confirmed with COVID-19 during quarantine

If you are in the period of home quarantine and feel unwell and are found to be positive after a rapid test, you can contact the Department of Health or 1922 as soon as possible and follow the instructions.​
Read more: The latest guideline for the new policy of confirmed cases. What to do if you are confirmed to have Covid-19?

If you are a business traveler, what do you need to do before entering Taiwan?

This article contains information on the latest quarantine policy and the types of business visas and how to apply for them.
Read more: Business travelers to Taiwan: visa application, quarantine regulations, eligibility, work permit guideline

Fines for violation of home quarantine regulations

  • According to Article 58 of the Communicable Disease Control Act, any person who falsifies this notice will be fined ranging from NT 10,000 to 150,000.
  • Those who fail to arrange a quarantine place will be fined NT$50,000 or more.
  • Violators of home quarantine requirements will be fined ranging from NT 100,000 to 1,000,000.

How do I get to my quarantine hotel in Taiwan from the airport?

Tripool Private Car Reservation Service

Tripool provides professional, safe and smoke-free drivers for you at any time, regardless of Taipei, New Taipei, Taichung, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Tainan, Changhua, Kaohsiung, Pingtung…etc., Tripool will pick you up from the airport to the quarantine location directly.

Before the reservation, you can estimate the fare on the tripool website,
the price be shown will be the total price, and you will know the cost of the trip right away.

  1. Transparent pricing, except for additional services, there will be no hidden charges
  2. 24-hour shuttle service available throughout Taiwan
  3. Free cancellation/change before 12:00 noon the day before departure (excluding rush orders)
  4. Rush orders can be completed in four hours during weekday working hours, and it is recommended that appointments be made before 5:00 p.m. the evening before.

💡Friendly reminder: Due to COVID-19 tests to be carried out at the airport, it is recommended to book the pick up service 1~1.5 hours after the plane has landed. The driver will wait for free for the first 30 minutes if passengers are late.

Can be picked up by family members or friends

As of September 1st arriving passengers could be picked up by family, friends, or agency group vehicles and be transported to their quarantine location.

Arrivals can drive themselves to quarantine

Inbound travelers are also allowed to drive themselves to a quarantine location in their own vehicle.

Anti-epidemic taxi/bus

According to the announcement from the Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center all travels traveling to Taiwan:

  1. Can take the anti-epidemic prevention taxi at their own expense to a quarantine hotel or government facility.
  2. Can take the anti-epidemic prevention bus instead of the anti-epidemic taxi if their quarantine hotel is in 台北(Taipei), 新北(New Taipei), 台中(Taichung), 雲林(Yunlin), 嘉義(Chiayi) 台南(Tainan), 高雄 (Kaohsiung City), 屏東(Pingtung).

Inbound passengers who are asymptomatic may take all forms of public transportation under the 0+7 plan.Symptomatic patients are advised to board a quarantine taxi or arrange for their friends or relatives to pick them up.

How do I get to the taxi waiting area after getting off the plane?

  1. Arrival
  2. Show picture of Health Declaration form.
  3. If you don’t have a Taiwan sim card, apply for it at the airport.
  4. Go to immigration and collect your luggage.
  5. Go to the taxi counter inside the airport and pay for an anti-epidemic taxi/bus.
  6. Gov’t personnel will provide you with sponsored anti-rapid test kits.
  7. Do PCR test.
  8. Take anti-epidemic taxi/bus and leave.

Necessary guidance is provided in the terminal. Arrivals are requested to follow signs and personnel to arrive at the designated anti-epidemic taxis in the arrival halls.

Source: ​Travel Taiwan During Covid-19

How to apply for a home quarantine subsidy?

If you go abroad before March 17 2020, after completing the 3-nights home quarantine, people who are citizen or hold a resident certificate, as long as you have not violated of quarantine isolation regulations and have not received wages or subsidies of a similar nature during quarantine, then you can apply for NT$1000/day quarantine subsidy, a total of NT$3,000, even newborn babies can apply for it ! You can apply online.

Source: ​Travel Taiwan During Covid-19

Quarantine Hotel Booking Area

Currently all inbound passengers must undergo three (3) days of quarantine in a government approved quarantine hotel and four (4) days of self-initiated epidemic prevention in a place of residence (not a general hotel) that meets the principle of one person per room.

Travelers looking to book government approved quarantine hotels in Taiwan can visit mrhost website.

They offer a wide range of quarantine hotels to suit varying budgets and preferences. They have a dedicated customer service team available if you have any questions or need to reserve a hotel.

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32 thoughts on “The latest guideline for home quarantine in Taiwan”

  1. We are planning to visit Taiwan on November. During that period, Taiwan is implementing a 0+7 plan, do we need to book a self-initiated epidemic prevention hotel? Taiwan is also providing a self antigen kit that should be used on Day 0 or Day 1 of arrival. Does it mean that we cannot tour around on Day 0/Day1 not unless we use self antigen kit before leaving the hotel? Can we book 1 room for 4 pax during 0+7?

  2. Is it possible to travel back to home country after 5 days from arrival date under the 0+7 days policy?

    1. Hi Shaun. Yes you can . As long as you follow the rules such as keeping your mask on you should be fine.

  3. Hi! What if we will be staying in Taiwan for 4 nights only (Oct 17-21), what policy should we comply?

    1. Hi CLR. If you arrive in Taiwan after October 13th the 0+7 policy should be in place by then so you will need to follow that policy. Ofocurse since this policy is scheduled to take place on Oct 13th and is not guaranteed you should keep an open eye for updates. But if nothing nothing changes you should follow the 0+7 policy.

      1. Chirmen Raquintan

        Thanks Bob! This means we cannot travel back home on the 21st? Do we need to complete the 0+7 days in the hotel?

      2. Thanks Bob! This means we cannot travel back home on the 21st? Do we need to complete the 0+7 days in the hotel?

  4. Hi. I’m an non resident Taiwan passport holder. Do I still need a entry permit to travel? Previously I was told I need one even with my tw passport because I do not have a residence/household registration.

    1. Hi , if I am being honest I am not sure. What I recommend is that you call the TECO in the country you are in to find out. Just give them a call and ask. Another thing I must say is currently. But I don’t think so. May I ask are you a citizen of another country for e..g visitors from some visa free countries traveling to engage in in tourism, visiting friends or relatives, attending social events, conducting business, attending exhibitions, and engaging in fact-finding missions or international exchanges do not need an entry permit.


    I am a Filipino, I would like to take a vacation in the Philippines but I don’t know if when I come back if I can quarantine in my own room in the company, I am the only foreign worker in my company

    1. Hi Romel. May I ask what do you mean by your ”own room in your company?” The quarantine must be done under the one person per residence principle. You can check out what does this principle mean and see if your room meets the criteria. ( If it does you can quarantine there, if not you will need to find another location. However on September 29th 2022, at 00:00 both quarantine and self-initiated epidemic prevention can be done under the principle of one person per room. So if you have your own room with your private bathroom and you arrive during this time then you can quarantine under one person per room principle.

  6. We are a group of six people (3 couples) planning to come to Taipei asap. My questions are:
    1. Can we book three separated rooms, each room for two?
    2. After the first three days quarantine, are we allowed to move to another hotels?
    Thank you for any information.

    1. 1. Based on current regulations family members who arrive on the same day can quarantine together at a quarantine hotel or their place of residence.
      2. Do you mean a regular hotel? Self-initiated epidemic prevention is not allowed to stay in regular hotels.

  7. I’m a American citizen who is planning to arrive in Taiwan in Mid October. Do I have to show proof of being vaccinated? Do I have to get a PCR test before I get on the plane? And my last question is Do I have to book my hotel room for the quarantine before I arrive? Or can I do it when I get to Taiwan? I really appreciate your help.

    1. 1. Vaccination is not required
      2. Pre-flight PCR test not required
      3. Yes, precook hotel so you have an address to fill out the quarantine form unless they remove the quarantine requirements in October.

  8. Hi, how about the travellers with a connecting flight and a 22 hours of layover in Taiwan airport? Is it possible to leave the airport, check in to some near hotel and roam around the city before going to the departure for the next flight? And what are the requirements in the immigration for that?

    1. Do believe so; the current rule still requires 3+4 quarantine and arrivals need to stay at designated quarantine hotel or home if so equipped. The first 3 days cannot go out even to buy food, have to have them delivered.

    2. If you are a transit traveler, you can’t leave the airport. If you have to leave the airport, you will need to quarantine.

  9. Ariel Ortega

    We’re having a layover at Taiwan for couple of hours.Do we need also to take RT PCR test?thanks whoever can answer my question.

    1. No test for transit passengers required, just those are entering the country to visit/business.

  10. I am travelling to Taiwan in a week from New Zealand with my wife, 11 year old and 1 year old. We were staying at Mum house and she going away for the 7 days. The house has 4 bathrooms and five bedroom. Can we all stay at that house for 3+4 while Mum away?

    1. HI keith. Yes you can. As long as you guys arrive on the same day and the house meets the principle of one person per residence then you guys can stay there for quarantine and self initiated epidemic prevention.

  11. Jacqueline Lesley Berkeley

    I didn’t mention I am an Australian citizen when asking if I need a visa.

  12. Jacqueline Lesley Berkeley

    I’m coming to Taiwan 25th December 2022 for a family visit with my daughter and have organised my own travel to get to her home.
    Do I need a visa to visit? My visit is just over 1 month.
    I will have my own Sim card.

      1. Hi Rakeem. That is only partly true as the embassies did not get the official confirmation from the governement. I am flying on the 16th and needed to apply for the Visa in Thailand. So the 12th of september visa free entry date is not official. Got the same info from Taiwanese embassy in Switzerland.

  13. So an American citizen can now come to Taiwan for tourism as long as they have negative test and quarantine for three days is a hotel? If so, does that hotel have to be a special Quarantine hotel and do I need to only have negative test?

    1. Hi Rick. American citizens will need to apply for a visa if they wish to come to Taiwan. According to BOCA these are the visas which can be applied for now
      I recommend you to check back in late September early October for updates on the borders opening.

    2. I’m a American citizen who is planning to arrive in Taiwan in Mid October. Do I have to show proof of being vaccinated? Do I have to get a PCR test before I get on the plane? And my last question is Do I have to book my hotel room for the quarantine before I arrive? Or can I do it when I get to Taiwan? I really appreciate your help.

  14. Rabindra Nath Bera

    I’m Covid positive on the airport RT-PCR testing (saliva) and 7 days quarantined at my home. After finishing 7 days of quarantine I may go outside, what’s the rule? I came back to Taiwan on the 24th of August from India.

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