Taipei 101: Taiwan’s Most Impressive Landmark

Located in Xinyi District, Taipei 101 is the first of its kind and is more than a symbol of Taiwan. It is home to many multinational corporations.

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Taipei Main Station

Taipei Main Station: A busy and lively station(台北車站)

Located in the center of Taipei, Taipei Main Station is much more than just a transfer station. It has an underground market, which includes shops, restaurants and more.

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Taiwan work permit – Everything you need to know about working in Taiwan

Not everyone can just pack up and move to Taiwan in the hopes of finding a job. A Taiwan work permit can only be obtained by certain categories of workers in Taiwan.

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Taoyuan Airport MRT

Taoyuan Metro Passenger Guidelines

Taoyuan Airport MRT is a traffic system that shortens the distance between Taipei and Taoyuan Airport, you can also take it to visit some viewpoints along the MRT stations.

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Did you know all the things you can do with your Taiwan Easy Card?

You can use the Taiwan Easy Card to take public transportation without having to carry money around. Did you even know that it also works as a credit card?

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Taiwan Visa for Visiting Relatives and Taiwan Dependent Visa: Applications and Regulations Guidelines

Taiwan opened its borders for those who wish to visit their relatives or for spouses/chlidren who want to join their parents/grandparents. Here is what you need to know.

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Planning to work in Taipei? Four popular business districts in Taipei you need to know.

When business travelers come to Taipei, there are some special points and advantages you have to know! Also, there are 4 popular commercial districts to visit​​.

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Living in Taiwan: Best Tips all Foreigners Must Know

Taiwan is considered a safe, comfortable, and welcoming country with good food and good people. But like any country, it also has its bad side. This will give you a better perspective on life in Taiwan.

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What makes a serviced apartment different from a hotel? Recommended serviced apartments in Taiwan

A serviced apartment usually has more floor space than a hotel room. Business travelers, family groups and friends can be easily accommodated in them.

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