Apply to learn Chinese(Mandarin) in Taiwan with visa application & entry requirements

With renowned institutions and language programs, Taiwan is a great place to study Chinese.In this article, we’ll outline a four-step process that anyone who has never been to Taiwan can use to travel there and study Chinese.

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Foreigners entering Taiwan guidelines, visa applications and regulations.

Foreigners who want to enter Taiwan need to apply for a visa.There are different types of visa for different purposes. Here are details of visa application and guideline.

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Travel to Xiangshan: Overlooking the Scenery of Taipei

Xiangshan is a popular hiking spot for residents in the district and visitors who want to escape from busy city life. It offers a splendid night view of Taipei City and is a great place for couples to date. It takes little time to reach the top of Xiangshan, and the view from Xiangshan is even more expansive.

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