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Taiwan Visa for Visiting Relatives and Taiwan Dependent Visa: Applications and Regulations Guidelines

Taiwan opened its borders for those who wish to visit their relatives or for spouses/chlidren who want to join their parents/grandparents. Here is what you need to know.

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Planning to work in Taipei? Four popular business districts in Taipei you need to know.

When business travelers come to Taipei, there are some special points and advantages you have to know! Also, there are 4 popular commercial districts to visit​​.

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Living in Taiwan: Best Tips all Foreigners Must Know

Taiwan is considered a safe, comfortable, and welcoming country with good food and good people. But like any country, it also has its bad side. This will give you a better perspective on life in Taiwan.

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What makes a serviced apartment different from a hotel? Recommended serviced apartments in Taiwan

A serviced apartment usually has more floor space than a hotel room. Business travelers, family groups and friends can be easily accommodated in them.

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The reasons why you should choose extended-stay hotels over regular hotels in Taiwan.

Extended-stay hotels in Taiwan are considered better for longer stays (over 5 days). Here are a couple of reasons why they are recommended.

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Business travelers to Taiwan: visa application, quarantine regulations, eligibility, work permit guideline.

Starting on March 7, 2022, Taiwan allows foreign business travelers to enter the country for the following business purposes.This article contains information on the latest quarantine policy and the types of business visas and how to apply for them.

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Taipei coworking space office list. Choose the people you want to co-work with!

As remote and hybrid work become more popular, an increasing number of people are asking, “What exactly is a coworking space?”

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Taipei MRT food map! Top 10 restaurants and street food you must try when you travel to Taiwan

This article will introduce how to take the Taipei MRT to reach delicious restaurants and enjoy street food. You will get to them faster!

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Taiwan car rental: most recommended car rental agencies for foreigners (AVIS, Gogoout, Budget,HLC, iRent)

If you’re a foreigner visiting Taiwan for business or pleasure, you may need to rent a car at some point. Your top picks are AVIS, Gogoout, and HLC.

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The top 7 halal restaurants in Taiwan you must try!

The top 7 Taiwan halal restaurants you must try, Mayur’s Indian Kitchen, Safranbolu Turkish Restaurant, Chang Beef Noodle Shop, Halal, Moiz Ali.

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How to open a bank account in Taiwan as a foreigner. The top 5 things you must know

For the most part, foreigners living in Taiwan can open a bank account with relative ease. Most banks require that you have a valid ARC, passport, email, Taiwan phone number.

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Taiwam High Speed Rail

Taiwan’s High Speed Rail Guidelines

Taiwan’s High Speed Rail, is the fastest transportation on land in Taiwan. This guideline will introduce the THSR, and provide you with information about attractions that can be visited after taking the THSR.

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How to convert your country’s license/International driving license to a Taiwan driver’s license.

Getting a driver’s license in Taiwan is not a complicated process if you prepare the correct documents and follow this process.

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How to fill in Taiwan Self Reporting System for Confirmed Cases?

Recently, the coronavirus pandemic has been striking Taiwan especially with the new Omicron variant which has a very strong speed of spreading. With the number of cases rising exponentially, everyone including friends, family members, and colleagues may be eventually exposed to the virus. What should I do next if I unfortunately test positive today? How should I fill in the “Self Reporting System”?

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Did you know Taiwan has launched its own COVID-19 tracing app?

The “Taiwan Social Distancing” app has been created to improve COVID-19 monitoring in order to reduce the risk of community transmission. It uses Bluetooth to detect nearby users and record your duration of distance from each contact.
The app will alert you about any contact you have had for more than two minutes with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days so you can monitor your health status.

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