How to fill in Taiwan Self Reporting System for Confirmed Cases?

Recently, the coronavirus pandemic has been striking Taiwan especially with the new Omicron variant which has a very strong speed of spreading. With the number of cases rising exponentially, everyone including friends, family members, and colleagues may be eventually exposed to the virus. What should I do next if I unfortunately test positive today? How should I fill in the “Self Reporting System”?

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Did you know Taiwan has launched its own COVID-19 tracing app?

The “Taiwan Social Distancing” app has been created to improve COVID-19 monitoring in order to reduce the risk of community transmission. It uses Bluetooth to detect nearby users and record your duration of distance from each contact.
The app will alert you about any contact you have had for more than two minutes with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days so you can monitor your health status.

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