Taipei Main Station

Taipei Main Station: A busy and lively station(台北車站)

Located in the center of Taipei, Taipei Main Station is much more than just a transfer station. It has an underground market, which includes shops, restaurants and more.

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Taoyuan Airport MRT

Taoyuan Metro Passenger Guidelines

Taoyuan Airport MRT is a traffic system that shortens the distance between Taipei and Taoyuan Airport, you can also take it to visit some viewpoints along the MRT stations.

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Taiwan car rental: most recommended car rental agencies for foreigners (AVIS, Gogoout, HLC, iRent)

If you’re a foreigner visiting Taiwan for business or pleasure, you may need to rent a car at some point. Your top picks are AVIS, Gogoout, and HLC.

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Taiwam High Speed Rail

Taiwan’s High Speed Rail Guidelines

Taiwan’s High Speed Rail, is the fastest transportation on land in Taiwan. This guideline will introduce the THSR, and provide you with information about attractions that can be visited after taking the THSR.

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How to convert your country’s license/International driving license to a Taiwan driver’s license.

Getting a driver’s license in Taiwan is not a complicated process if you prepare the correct documents and follow this process.

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